Wooden Pallets With Heat Treatment

Wooden Pallets With Heat Treatment

Wooden Type Hard Wood
Entry Type 4 Way
Pallet Type 4 Way Pinewood
Shape Rectangle
Capacity 1000 to 1200kg

Pallavi Packers Provides the best "Wooden Pallets With Heat Treatment", [fumigation of wooden pallets] in Pune, India. Our company specialises in the production of fumigated wooden pallets, which are widely used in the shipping of goods. Despite their light weight, fumigated wooden pallets are sold and are resistant to fungal assault. We use advanced technology machines to make them out of high-quality wood.

Advantages of Wooden pallet

1. The cost is low.

2. Simple to keep up with.

Disadvantages of Wooden pallet

1. It's not fire-resistant or waterproof, and it's easily dampened and perishable.

2. When one-time export packaging materials are required to be fumigated or heat treated, this adds to the cost and lengthens the clearing time.

3. The creation of wooden pallets, on the other hand, necessitates the logging of a vast number of forests, which is neither green nor environmentally benign.